The Course

Hey there! Ever found yourself in a heated conversation or a high-tension situation where things just seem to spiral out of control? Well, that's where mastering the art of slowing things down and cooling off can really make a difference. This course dives into the concept of self-awareness in the context of de-escalation, helping you to understand how your own emotions, body language, and communication style can either defuse or inflame situations. It’s about harnessing that inner Zen to keep things chill, whether you're dealing with a workplace conflict, a customer complaint, or just a really intense family dinner.

But what does that look like in the real world, right? You'll get the chance to learn practical, actionable techniques that you can put into play immediately to bring down the heat in any scenario. We'll explore how to recognize the signs of escalating conflict, and how to intervene in a way that respects everyone's dignity and emotions. Think of it like your personal toolkit for keeping your cool and helping others do the same, which can make your work environment more harmonious, improve your relationships, and let’s be honest, save you from a whole lot of stress. So if you're ready to be that calming force in a stormy world, let's get to it!

What you will learn

When we put together this course, my goal was to empower you with the tools to diffuse tension and navigate challenging social landscapes smoothly. The beauty of what you're about to dive into lies in its careful curation, blending tried-and-true strategies with interactive exercises designed to heighten your self-awareness and hone your reflexes in real-time scenarios. You'll emerge not just equipped, but confident, ready to calmly unravel conflict threads before they become knots. Think of it as a map to the high road, with well-marked routes and plenty of rest stops where you can reflect, practice, and grow. It's more than just a set of instructions; it's a companion piece to your inherent people skills, structured to align with your daily life for immediate, tangible benefits.


  Introduction- Full Course Available July 2024
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Your instructors

We are Comrades Consulting and with over a 2 decades of dedicated experience in education developing conflict resolution and behavioral studies, we've honed skills that are elemental to de-escalation techniques. Our journey has taken me through various facets of human interaction, from negotiating in high-stress environments to mentoring individuals in mastering self-awareness—a cornerstone of diffusing potential confrontations. Engaging with diverse populations, we've been able to witness the transformative power of empathy and understanding in resolving disputes and averting crisis.

As an educator, the course "What is De-escalation? (Self-Awareness)" is a culmination of my passion and the knowledge we've gathered and practiced over the years. We deeply believe that de-escalation is not just a skill but a vital component of effective communication. It can truly make the difference in personal and professional relationships. Our commitment to this subject is rooted in the profound impact that these strategies can have on individuals and communities alike, empowering others to cultivate a more peaceful and understanding world through the art of self-awareness and careful communication.


Mastering the Art of Calming Tensions


Learning the Skills for Peaceful Conflict Resolution


Building the Foundation for Preventative Communication